Elisa Spampinato

A Travel Writer & Community Storyteller

A recognised Sustainability Leader

An endorsed Responsible Tourism expert.

Sustainable Tourism practitioner Certified by the GSTC since 2017

A member of Global Sustainable Tourism Council since 2017

A proud Ally and CBT Ambassador for the Transformational Tourism Council

A CBT expert and Ambassador for Travolution.Travel (Chile) and Araribá DMC (Brazil)

An Associate for Equality in Tourism since 2019

I am a practitioner, researcher, and consultant in responsible and sustainable tourism with years of experience in local development, social projects and sustainable tourism.

Engaged in ethical and responsible tourism activities, advocacy, and human rights campaigns for international NGO in Italy, UK and Brazil.

Expertise in digital marketing, creative writing, public speaking and storytelling.

We have supported and partnered with many Organisations… 

Rocinha Original Tour [CBT experience] – Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

A.I.T.R. (Italian Association for Responsible Tourism) – Italy

IT.A.Cà – Responsible Tourism Festival – Italy

Travindy Espanhol

Muxima – Planets of Emotions

GOEL Viaggi – Italy

I am not just travelling, I am a Traveller.

What I am here for is not just to be involved in the act of travelling, it is to unleash my nomadic spirit and free up my gipsy soul and be led by it.

To me, travelling is not a profession or something I do in my spare time when I need to escape, to be somewhere else. It is not a hobby or a list of places and things to do abroad.

Travelling is my mindset, Liu Xin is the purpose of my life and its deep Meaning. I continue moving, every place it’s not like home, all the senses are activated, no auto-pilot mode, getting lost is an essential part of the journey, openness and curiosity are the guidelines.

I am not just telling stories, I am a Storyteller.

I have chosen to tell stories as my mission. There are many stories that need to be told and I feel it is my responsibility to do so.

These are stories of innovation, stories of hope and solidarity; stories of human connections.

Many of these stories are about communities, the traditional communities that populate our planet, which are the guardians of our environment and our cultures.

Because I feel I must tell these stories, I consider myself a Community Storyteller.

I am not a traveller that happens to tell stories, and neither a storyteller that happens to be travelling I am a Traveller & I am a Storyteller.

and these are my stories…