Children protagonists at Casa Grande Foundation - Cariri - Ceará - Brazil

What is Traveller Storyteller?

Traveller Storyteller is a Blog that tells stories of Encounters in Tourism.

We believe in a kind of tourism built around the local communities.

We believe in a kind of tourism that brings people together and enriches everyone's experiences of life.

What we do?

We tell stories that connect tourists with destinations! 

Rural, urban, traditional and modern communities, in UK, Latin America, Spain, Italy or in Tanzania.

We tell stories that prepare the Encounter between people.

We tell stories that give names to





the tangible

and the intangible heritage.

We tell stories that ZOOM IN to the uniqueness of a culture.

We tell stories that celebrate Life & Nature.

We support local communities and their marketing efforts.


We create original content from a local perspective, in writing and through images.


We translate your content in four languages for your present and future international audiences.

We create marketing campaigns to give visibility to hidden communities.