"Destination Community" Campaign

Travel Marketing
for Community-Based Tourism (CBT)

Traveller Storyteller launches its first campaign.
Destination Community: Prepare your encounter with the People.

Destination Community campaign is an invitation to zoom-in on the people that live in a destination and tell their stories with them.

It is focusing on the uniqueness of the cultures, ways of living, history and biodiversity that identify each destination.

In this moment of forced immobility, our curiosity and spirit of adventure still need to be nourished, but we cannot travel freely and the communities must protect themselves.

So, this is an opportunity for the tourists to connect and Storytravelling, and for the community to carry on doing what they do best: sharing.

Destination Community wants to create a solid bridge of words which can link the local communities with the tourists, and safely take the tourists to meet their future hosts, through their personal stories, the stories of the local gastronomy, their celebrations, and, in particular, the natural environment.

“Destination Community” is preparing the Encounter with the People.

This campaign will run in collaboration with Community-Based Tourism (CBT) projects, as well as with Tour Operators (TO) and DMC which work directly with local communities.

In fact, we believe that tourism can be an enriching experience with a social and economic positive impact only if the community is in the picture from the beginning.

Original content will be created and it will present information about the destination from a local perspectiveIt will be an unusual full immersion in ancestral charm and unspoiled nature.

The campaign was born from the need to
re-design the tourism marketing in a responsible and sustainable way from the grass-root level. It also responds to a lack of marketing opportunities for Community-Based Tourism projects.

We have initially launched the campaign in collaboration with Travolution Travel  (Chile) but we are already working with other partners in Peru, Brazil, Europe and Africa.

We are open to partner up and collaborate with companies and organisations that work with or want to support the local communities to create a better future through tourism.


TO/TA/DMC who want to

  • Create original content to promote the local communities you work with.
  • Find a storyteller that can describe the richness of your itinerary in a creative and engaging way.
  • Communicate the unique stories of your destination and connect with your potential customers.
  • Engage your audience with stories that have a positive impact for the people and the places you operate in.

Local community or a CBT project who wants to

  • Have your own international marketing campaign.
  • Spread professional content to directly promote your tourism project.
  • Improve your visibility in the international travel markets.

The pre-campaign on Social Media

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The Postcard series

Connect to the local people through their Stories

Companies that have already joined the campaign

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