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Community Storytelling

The Stories of the Protagonists written with them

What we do ?

Community Storytelling

Ethical Marketing 

We spotlight local communities through their storytelling, 

and we create space and visibility for their tourism experiences.

How we do it ?

  • Training & Coaching on Storytelling 
  • Copywriting & Brand awareness 
  • Communication & Marketing Consulting 

Why we do it ?

Community-Based Tourism (CBT) – i.e. tourism designed, managed and delivered by and for the communities – offers them the chance to continue maintaining their cultural traditions, strengthening their historical roots and ethnic identity, and the conservation of the natural environment.

We support the local communities – rural, urban, indigenous and traditional – to continue telling their own stories and sharing them with the world.


We believe that tourism can be a transformational experience, and

 we prepare those meaningful encounters by starting with a story, theirs!

"Destination Community" Campaign

Changing the Narrative for Travel Marketing

Mapuche Read more Visit the first Ruka built in Santiago. Graciela Meet your host Atacama read more Travel the acestral route in the Atacama region. Sandra Meet your host Quinquen Read more Discover a Pehuenche community. Alicia Meet your host Vale de Maipo Read more Immerse yourself in this wine-producing tradition. Terramater Meet your host

The Postcard Series

Focus on the People

Amoun Sleem a self-empowered gyspy woman of the Domari ethnic group in Jerusalem, and a charismatic community leader...

Bertha started weaving her baskets a long time ago...

Jesse was born in Naduri, in the southern province of Papua New Guinea...

Myoe Keng Lay (pronounced Miocáim) moved to Huay Pu Keng village with her cousins in 2006...


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"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you"


@Casa Grande - Brazil

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