I am_StoryTravelling. Are you too?

StoryTravelling is a verb.

StoryTravelling is something that we do.

It involves listening and engaging your imagination.

It is an experience, even though is virtual.

Storytelling travel stories can offer a great alternative in this time of forced physical immobility.

#StoryTravelling is a virtual travel writing project that intends to take you exploring people, places, and ideas you haven’t known or thought of before.


We cannot Travel yet,
…but a Story can take you there!

#StoryTravelling is about remembering people and places and going there again

but it is also about going to places for the first time.
Meeting virtually but connecting for real to the local stories.


#StoryTravelling is about the past journeys I want to share and the future journeys I will take one day.

Preparing new journeys and celebrating past encounters.

I have never had the chance to really pause and deeply think about my journeys and those encounters which have transformed me deeply. 
Thousands of unedited pictures are the visual proofs of those untold stories.

This pandemic has forced me to stop. But I did not really stop.

It has forced me to stay still, hold myself in an apparent stillness. But I am still traveling. 

I am just using different lenses.

Traveller Storyteller became alive when I have realised that I am both a Traveller and Storyteller, self realization a kind of self discovery.

A Traveller and a Storyteller, countinuosly moving in an apparent stillness, just like a camera, on a different focus: Zoom IN and OUT, but still shooting and still writing.