The letting-go sigh

It doesn’t matter how many are the times that I’ve been in this situation -and there certainly have been a lot of these since I was born.

Each time that a train leaves its platform at the station, I can’t help but feel a deep overwhelming sense of lightness that takes all over me, throughout.

What I experience it’s almost a physical sensation. It’s like being gently lifted by a pair of cotton wool arms sliding smoothly underneath and cradling my body like I was still a baby. My chest tilts slightly backward, allowing my back to rest on the seat, and any kind of muscular resistance that might still be there gets released. For a moment, the time pauses and with it any activity engaged in.

At this point, I usually sigh, a deep and peaceful sigh.

The letting-go sigh, officially signing the beginning of my new journey.

I close my eyes and a childish smile appears on my face.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay