𝓑𝓮𝓻𝓽𝓱𝓪 started weaving her baskets a long time ago.

She used to sell them at the local market, and she did so until the day she met Greg Bakunzi and Red Rocks Initiative, more than ten years ago.

Today she weaves baskets that travel far in the luggage of the international tourists that have visited the Cultural Centre in Musanze.

But also, she teaches, and she has been teaching other young women at the centre, sharing her creative skills and showing them how to make the colourful pieces of grass play in circles.

She has taught many, over the years, making herself available to ‘whoever would be interested in learning’.

Berta is part of a cooperative of women artisans, one of the many initiatives that have grown independently under the protective and encouraging hat of Red Rocks Rwanda, where the energy of the community becomes Art and individuals become protagonists of their future.


What she enjoys the most – she confesses – is that ‘through tourism we are passing our culture down to others’.

There is a lot of culture in her baskets, but also a lot of patience and love for her community.

She is a caring and attentive teacher, also for the adventurous foreign visitors.

Next time you visit northern Rwanda, you can be one of her students, too, by joining the workshop.



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This is another Initiative for Sustainable Development. Empowering women and communities through tourism.


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