Sam Kambare

Focus on the artists.

𝓢𝓪𝓶 𝓚𝓪𝓶𝓫𝓪𝓻𝓮 is a local artist in Kigali.
His artworks are full of colour and massive in size. They decorate few walls of the Inshuti Art Gallery in the Rwandan capital.

You can lose yourself in the hypnotic streams of weaves that unravel in front of you.

What it seems just a powerful combination of shades and textures, rhythmically alternating with thick black dots, at a closer look, reveals to be a multitude of triangular pieces of fabrics transformed into fashionable dresses. 

The impactful effect of a collective of women on canvas, as well as in real life, can be fascinating. One must admit.

Sam is happy to share with us the new project he has put together with Greg and the Red Rocks Initiative that will take place at the Inshuti Arts and Cultural Center shortly.

He will be soon starting to teach children and adults with disabilities, using two of the rooms allocated to the project, on the second floor.
The idea is to teach them the art, provide them with a creative alternative to the stress that life in a Rwandan community can bring, especially in these unprecedented times.
Art can also distract from the bad companies that kids can find in the streets and, most importantly, provide that hope and happiness that colours you have mixed and blend bring to the sight of the hand that has guided there.

For some of them, this pleasant and meditative activity will become a new profession, developed from some newly discovered passion.
The idea that supports the project is not only to bring well-being to the participants but also to grow the talents that are hiding under their skins and allow them to come out and grow, supported by an encouraging environment and by the successful examples, like Sam himself.
The gallery will exhibit some of the pieces and the earning will go to the young artists.

Sam is not new to the teaching, and although he has taught already many children at the Red Rocks hub in Musanze over the years, I can feel his excitement while waiting to start with the new group.
And he will be passing on his talent and knowledge through paint again.

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