Traveller Storyteller Declares Climate Emergency

Traveller Storyteller is a project born from the need to reconnect tourists with that universe of communities that have chosen to carry on living in their traditional way. Through our Blog, we want to open a new communication channel with the future tourists, travellers, but above all, with the future guests, and provide them with local perspectives of a destination.

We have decided to shine a light on those invisible and untold stories to create a solid bridge that can allow the building of real encounters. I believe that tourism is a powerful tool that can potentially enrich the life of the people involved, but only if there is a real connection and the right mindset. However, sometimes is just missing knowledge and awareness.

I believe that telling their stories is a starting point.

Connecting regularly with traditional communities in remote areas of our Planet -especially in this last year- I have been listening to many stories, the majority of which, unfortunately, are sad tales related to the effects of Climate Change.

How indigenous communities have been forced to change their way of living and their culture because our planet is changing for the worse and it is already putting their lives in great danger.

I believe in the power of shared information, mutual understanding, and collective education.

I believe that we all have the responsibility in protecting our planet and people and we need to assume it, personally and professionally.

And I feel that share that is also part of our duty.

Glad to join many other companies, destinations, and individuals in the tourism industry in this collective project,

I — Elisa Spampinato — declare a climate emergency, and I commit to doing five things:

  1. Developing a climate emergency plan.
  2. Sharing my commitment and progress publicly.
  3. Cutting carbon emissions.
  4. Working together with others.
  5. Advocating for change.

I take part in this collective journey as an individual as well as a travel writer, with my heart at the grassroots level.

In particular, I commit to the following:

  • To use Traveller Storyteller to highlight the impacts of Climate Change especially on the local communities -the rural, the traditional and the indigenous ones- the ones that have no voice and means to communicate directly with the rest of the world; the ones that are already suffering greatly the consequences of the environmental crisis on their skin.
  • To kindly, but firmly, raise awareness with the public about what it is already happening, and how this is affecting the lifestyle and the health of many to connect our behaviours to everyone else with a spirit of cooperation.
  • To give visibility to social enterprises, companies and organizations that work to find innovative solutions to environmental issues.

Join the movement and declare at, and follow on @tourismdeclares on Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin.